Robocon 2018 RSVP's including:

Pre-dinner & sauna 17.1
Afterparty 18.1
Sprints 19.1
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Sauna and swimming starts at 6pm at Allas Sea Pool. The sauna that is reserved for us is mixed and swimsuit is obligatory. Sauna is free of charge for conference participants, but there’s only room for 40 people. Possible friends and family members can buy normal tickets if they want to join. 
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The dinner will be at Allas Sea Pool at 8pm. The dinner is on own costs, except for conference speakers. Dinner is open for everyone and has same 40 people limit as sauna.
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The afterparty is at VALA Group's office at Erottajankatu 11 B. The party will start at 6:30pm. There will be some light food and drinks available. This event is available for the first 100 people who have RSVP'd.
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Are you attending the Robocon 2018 sprints at 19.1?

After the main conference we still have Friday, January 19, dedicated for development sprints. This event is for those who’d like to contribute to Robot Framework or any library or tool in its ecosystem. The event is free and open for everyone, including those not participating the conference itself. Sprint facilities are provided by Eficode and the address is Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 25. Food and drinks will be available.
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